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00 hours will be very beautiful. Whenever I want to open up a new field, such as music, such as lectures, such as those who started all the things that are not eyebrows, I always use the process of writing to motivate myself to be brave to start, and then to seriously , To insist, to be humble, PMP will see a little light. In fact, this article is written to the bread and all the people who still insist on writing, because you reminded me of my past days, but also let me increasingly praised and erratic heart back to the original small place, It is a no scenery, no vision of the small place, where I find their own peace, slowly slowly shine ... ... uncle do not want your money to receive the PMP it exam summer mail, is the day before yesterday morning, a just arrived in Beijing Little girl, in the huge Beijing city PMI Certification lost the direction and courage, wrote me a long letter, would like to ask me by a high wooden straight son of "a person on the Tokyo." I transferred the mail to the mustard and asked her where to buy it. Mustard back to the mail said: "her mail let me look like crying." Yes, I also want to cry, I gave the summer in Dangdang to buy a sent in the past, she was very grateful. But I do not know if I have such a behavior have not hurt her hea

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