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c family of great ambition, has long been eyeing this space at the channel, must Can not let each other succeed! " Inaction had originally thought he would be completely trapped in the valley, did not think there will be reinforcements, but also the Great personally shot to save, let him flattered. Although the law enforcement in the chaos of a family position is not low, is the backbone, but it is not worth the Great personally. Through the numerous layers of space, the chaos of the great power of the giant power to recover the altar, and then look at their own real hand, had only Network Appliance Certification Yang Jian that blow, NCDA it exam so that his hand burned a thumb-sized hole, the effect of NCDA this hit far Far stronger than the eight cents together to bring the effect. As for the impact of Li Jing with the pagoda, it touches did not produce much harm, they are chaotic family of natural physical tough, the most afraid of is brute force attack. "Thank you for your sincerity to save!" Inaction Taoist kneel on the ground kowtow Shane. "Come up." Chaos Great face with a smile: "The task you completed the excellent, even beyond the prodigal expected, although before you commit no small fault, but the power of the contrary, the former things the emperor will not pursue And that you are filled with those finan

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NS0-157 NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) Network Appliance NCDA