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uy a small car, but the waiter heart Quite good, since Chutian Lin want to see the car, with Chutian Lin to see it, may have been five years and ten years, Chutian Lin really come here to buy a car it.   She'd watched a handsome young man does not want a child who foolishly silly wander in this auto shop, but Chu Tianlin heard this name shopping guide, it is said: "? Here is the most expensive car what the car"   listen To the Chutian Lin, then the name of shopping guide is also stunned for a moment, although she has speculated that Chutian Lin came here, is to look at the luxury car, did not expect Chu Tianlin even so straightforward, that depends on the most expensive car.   But since it has come, it is good to do in the end, so that Chu Tianlin look at what is called the real luxury bar, thinking, this guide shopping openings said: "Our most expensive car, of course, is the Audi convertible super run R8spyder5.2fsi, priced at Cisco Certification 249,000, do you want to see? " Chutian Lin heard, nodded slightly, his face did not have too many expressions, more than two million, for Chutian Lin, nothing, Chu Tianlin out of a fist-sized glass Emerald, may have more than this price.   Chu Tianlin money in addition to exchange cents, CCIE Service Provider is used to spend, so for CCIE Service Provider it exam more than two million cars, Chutian Lin is not very satisfied, but in Spring City, it is estimated t

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider