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he. She is not willing to ah, not because of the loss of money, but her only hope is gone. She cried how she did not like this. Past life Cisco Certification she fell dead, that can start again, but stalled such a fate. In order to change the fate, she struggled, from the choice of this road, it is CCIE Service Provider it exam full of ups and downs. Helpless, distorted, isolated, joking, framed experienced so much, nothing more than want to change a way out. Now finally find the opportunity to please Shen Yanqin, but because of this fire will be all gone. Yu Jingyao cry more sad, from her through to the present, she never so vent, as if to suppress the mood for a long time have burst out. Cry for a long time, the last trace of effort are gone. After all, the body has just been restored, at the moment she was drowsy tired lying in bed. Sudd. enly, the bed moved, she turned his head, tears blurred, she saw Shen Yanqin lying on her side, a face is still indifferent. Yu Jingyao slow, trembling Q No A I 338 Shen Yanqin no words, CCIE Service Provider looked sadly, Yu Jingyao understand, tears and could not stop to flow out. Shen Yanqin did not expect these two shops to her so important, looking at her grievances, stretched out her arms over her. Let him gently pat his back. Yu Jingyao in the arms of Shen Yanqin found a trace of comfort, crying and crying, then f

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400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider