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arth at that time the major national organizations, the country's power is still very strong, although these people are powerful, the number of many, but the face of well-trained army, simply can not, But then, after the things that some horror, the whole earth, overnight, a big change, the landform is completely different Although CompTIA Certification the casualties caused by very little, but the whole area of ​​the earth did not know how many times the expansion of the original, Earth's urbanization has progressed to a certain extent, the whole CASP it exam world is dominated by urban architecture, but the earth area suddenly changed And do not know where to come from so many continents and oceans, and the whole of the earth 's original regimes are torn apart.   In the spring city, with two forces, one is our Shen Ji jewelry company-based, combined with the formation of a group, because you have swallowed you to my peach, the strength is very strong, so I led, another I was hoping to be able to live in peace with them, but they did not agree, attacking us all the way, Into your appearance like CASP to assassinate me, but I see through, and now the spring city is probably the case, but it is said that there are more changes outside. "   Chutian Lin heard, said:" What changes? "   Shen Qian heard, said:" I heard that the legend of the gods are there, those inexplicable more out of the site, there are a lot of some immortal

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CAS-002 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) CompTIA CASP